Enhance Diversity Study Surveys


The Enhance Diversity Study is designed to collect information needed to evaluate how successful the BUILD and NRMN initiatives are in their efforts to increase interest in and active pursuit of careers in biomedical, clinical, behavioral and/or social sciences.
We collect information from:
  • students who are or have attended one of the 11 academic institutions included in the BUILD initiative
  • faculty from those same institutions
  • participants enrolled in the NRMN initiative

Participants in the annual Enhance Diversity Study surveys provide critical information regarding their academic and professional interests and activities, allowing the DPC to track levels of interest in biomedical careers and progress through educational and career stages. Using this information, the DPC (and the NIH) will be able to evaluate how well the DPC succeeds in efforts to enhance the diversity of the biomedical workforce.


Current Surveys

Winter/Spring 2019

  • SAFS
  • CSS
  • FAFS
  • NRMN
Past Surveys
  • Higher Education Research Institute Freshman Survey – 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Student Annual Follow-up Survey – 2017, 2018
  • Higher Education Research Institute College Senior Survey (for graduating seniors) – 2018
  • Faculty Annual Follow-up Survey – 2018
  • National Research Mentoring Network Annual Survey – 2017, 2018